dark angle102 (darkangle102) wrote,
dark angle102

How did Stiles became a werewolf?

Summary :- stiles gets bitten (its only make sense if he's still the alpha , i don't know how or why , its something that came to me before sleep ) by Alpha!peter .
British!stiles/American werewolf!peter

stiles- ugh , bite me

peter- OK

stiles- WHAT

The pack-- PETER NO

but its too late and stiles was bitten .

Stiles -whyyyyyyyyyy , you idiot

Peter- i did what you asked me to do

Scott holding his best friend in his arms -" no you didn't bite me in British means fuck off "

peter -Oh i didn't know

Derek- you liar , you've dated a British girl and you've must have done something to piss her off

Peter- well i have nothing to say to that except i think that's the longest thing you've ever said .

The pack- shame on you

peter- Oops

And that's how stiles became a werewolf.
Tags: teen wolf

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