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Characters “ Kurt/ puck , Kurt /Finn  ,  Kurt/Sam , Kurt /Blaine ”

Characters introduction

Kurt : cute little bottom , model and works for Noah
Noah puckerman : owns a modeling company and  possessive of Kurt
Sam : owns a music company
Finn :   owns a car dealership company
Blaine : a successful  lawyer

Summary :  “ Oh .oh god . so help me god , iam a man whore which is pretty funny considering  iam a man myself ” I thought panicking  .

//Oh .oh god . so help me god , iam a man whore which is pretty funny since iam a man myself // I thought panicking .

Iam not panicking  , iam not-panicking -, iam not panicking at all ,  no shit whom am I kidding iam  totally panicking ….oh shit , oh shit ,oh shit , I don’t know what to do …iam a man whore, I already know that so fucking stop already … oh god what iam going to do well I defiantly got what I  deserved
 I knew I had to stop but noooo I just had to flirt and keep going on dates , with a man after another till now I got four lovers and  each one I love so much I Can't lose any of them , now what the hell am I going to do .

its bloody not easy at all , ohshit don’t think of blood ,don’t think of blood, don’t think of blood, don’t think of those deadly gorgeous and sexy stunning men , hot on ice men with their big enormous d- okay stop don’t even continue thinking  about it
"Kurt  "
oh shit now I have  to go to them , god what the hell am I going to do or the better question well I be a live after this deadly confrontation.

“hi ” Kurt said quietly

“hey baby ”  Sam said cheerfully
“What this baby crap ” puck said possessiveness  appeared  in his tune
“Kurt who the hell is he ” Finn asked confused
“um” Kurt mumbled  and keep his eyes on the floor unable to look a his lover -ex lovers he thought sadly 

“Iam sorry I really iam , iam a big flirt and I love each one of you in its own unique way and I really cant get enough of you , please don’t leave me  ”
“ what do you mean  by dating them ” puck  growled
“I mean I dated each one of you and love it and I love each one of you ”Kurt mumbled  still unable  to look at any of them in the eye

i Can't believe this shit”  puck
“”WHAT” Finn screamed
“why ” Sam asked unable to understand why Kurt would do something like that

Blaine is the only one who didn’t speak yet and that worried Kurt the most , he know Blaine is smart   and a lot of people would die to be with a man like him … gentle , smart , handsome , caring and unique  in his very own way , kinda like his very own personal drug , he can never let Blaine go
The idea of Blaine leaving him or one of his lovers leaving him makes him whimpers ..he bitten his lips to hold the whimper inside .

Kurt shrikes  and his  eye widens at the unexpected move and touches  his ass as he pouts , making them want to eat him alive and this thought is transparent on their faces .

To be continued

Tags: glee au, kurt /blaine, kurt /finn, kurt/ puck, kurt/sam

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