dark angle102 (darkangle102) wrote,
dark angle102



A rose

For those who died 

A rose for those who been harmed for no cause , for no reason 

A rose for every tormented soul  who cant even find their rest when their dead

A rose for those who was murder and people forget about them 

A rose for every harm been  done to the kindest people ever 

A rose for those whom been misunderstood  and those  whom been  so cruelly  had to be hard  because someone came to conclusion

 and  ended  those innocent lives 

A rose for every dead child 

A rose for every scream a child make 

A rose for every harm been done to normal people all the did was  wanting to life 

A rose for every and each dead and forgotten or buried in unpurified  ground 

Those people  I hope they got to heaven and spent the rest of eternity  in heaven happy , rested and a clam souled  , I hope those

people really get  what they deserve form the happiness that were cruelly and violently  taken away may god rest their souls . (god is the holy one ) 
Tags: dead, innocent lives, rose

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