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what makes you enjoy the movie twilight ? is it for their hot shot actors ? and what make twilight to be so popular because if you think of it the movie twilight just pop out of no where and became the most popular thing since mobile touch , i must admit that at first i like the movie , like the actors , liked the music . but then i started to criticize the movie i mean we’ve already got the broody mysterious vampire , and we’ve also got the vampire fighting for the girl so what makes that movie so popular ? And what’s with the werewolf and vampire rivalry the way I see it , it’s the same rivalry in Buffy the vampire slayer the rivalry about Buffy between dead boy and xander rings any bells so what exactly did Stephenie done , turn the normal teenager and make him werewolf and makes the vampire sparkles who in their right mind makes or even think to make a vampire change and mind reading ability. I absolutely see nothing to make the book series so popular expect the actors , music only . What makes twilight a hotshot popular movie that’s what I need to know?

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