dark angle102 (darkangle102) wrote,
dark angle102


fearing  the end and dreading the beginning 
the beginning is like a calm storm
that at any moment can turn into a deadly hurricane
 theres are rules and there a mistakes 
 theres the truth and theres a true 
 if only you knew  which is truth and which is a fabric lie 
 you dont trust in blood family  yet you understand the meaning of the family 
 yet you still want  , need  , hopeing to steal a glimpse of that  precious  feeling 
 and you keep on asking   what went wrong ,  how to fix it , 
 you keep going on about 1000 what ifs  , 1000 ands 
 still no answers yet you  got more questions 
 there are unspoken words and  not written rules 
 just ask who pay them after all 
the fisher man knows that the sea got no  friends  
yet they begin and could end with it 
no true thing called the end .......
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