How did Stiles became a werewolf?

Summary :- stiles gets bitten (its only make sense if he's still the alpha , i don't know how or why , its something that came to me before sleep ) by Alpha!peter .
British!stiles/American werewolf!peter

stiles- ugh , bite me

peter- OK

stiles- WHAT

The pack-- PETER NO

but its too late and stiles was bitten .

Stiles -whyyyyyyyyyy , you idiot

Peter- i did what you asked me to do

Scott holding his best friend in his arms -" no you didn't bite me in British means fuck off "

peter -Oh i didn't know

Derek- you liar , you've dated a British girl and you've must have done something to piss her off

Peter- well i have nothing to say to that except i think that's the longest thing you've ever said .

The pack- shame on you

peter- Oops

And that's how stiles became a werewolf.

Never before

Characters “ Kurt/ puck , Kurt /Finn  ,  Kurt/Sam , Kurt /Blaine ”

Characters introduction

Kurt : cute little bottom , model and works for Noah
Noah puckerman : owns a modeling company and  possessive of Kurt
Sam : owns a music company
Finn :   owns a car dealership company
Blaine : a successful  lawyer

Summary :  “ Oh .oh god . so help me god , iam a man whore which is pretty funny considering  iam a man myself ” I thought panicking  .

//Oh .oh god . so help me god , iam a man whore which is pretty funny since iam a man myself // I thought panicking .

Iam not panicking  , iam not-panicking -, iam not panicking at all ,  no shit whom am I kidding iam  totally panicking ….oh shit , oh shit ,oh shit , I don’t know what to do …iam a man whore, I already know that so fucking stop already … oh god what iam going to do well I defiantly got what I  deserved
 I knew I had to stop but noooo I just had to flirt and keep going on dates , with a man after another till now I got four lovers and  each one I love so much I Can't lose any of them , now what the hell am I going to do .

its bloody not easy at all , ohshit don’t think of blood ,don’t think of blood, don’t think of blood, don’t think of those deadly gorgeous and sexy stunning men , hot on ice men with their big enormous d- okay stop don’t even continue thinking  about it
"Kurt  "
oh shit now I have  to go to them , god what the hell am I going to do or the better question well I be a live after this deadly confrontation.

“hi ” Kurt said quietly

“hey baby ”  Sam said cheerfully
“What this baby crap ” puck said possessiveness  appeared  in his tune
“Kurt who the hell is he ” Finn asked confused
“um” Kurt mumbled  and keep his eyes on the floor unable to look a his lover -ex lovers he thought sadly 

“Iam sorry I really iam , iam a big flirt and I love each one of you in its own unique way and I really cant get enough of you , please don’t leave me  ”
“ what do you mean  by dating them ” puck  growled
“I mean I dated each one of you and love it and I love each one of you ”Kurt mumbled  still unable  to look at any of them in the eye

i Can't believe this shit”  puck
“”WHAT” Finn screamed
“why ” Sam asked unable to understand why Kurt would do something like that

Blaine is the only one who didn’t speak yet and that worried Kurt the most , he know Blaine is smart   and a lot of people would die to be with a man like him … gentle , smart , handsome , caring and unique  in his very own way , kinda like his very own personal drug , he can never let Blaine go
The idea of Blaine leaving him or one of his lovers leaving him makes him whimpers ..he bitten his lips to hold the whimper inside .

Kurt shrikes  and his  eye widens at the unexpected move and touches  his ass as he pouts , making them want to eat him alive and this thought is transparent on their faces .

To be continued

Is the question

When fear begins to be the end of us
When living so lows gets the best of us
When fear Becomes our rulers
When your loved ones  are the one cutting our hearts
When there’s no one left to turn to
What shall we do then
Should we run Or should we die
Die can so  easy while  running is not harder
Still we don’t want to end our lives at our hands
thus we do stupid things to get going
yet the result in the end  is still the same
We are the fucked ups
We are then fallen ones
It really doesn’t matter what year you were born
Karma is still the same
Fuck up or not fucked up that is the question ……

Silent thoughts

 I cried  for every scream you made and I die when you  in pain 

I smile when I see you happy 

I almost forgotten when you were happy and with me 

For the forbidden love and for the forbidden dance 

Is what that makes you smile 

So I will bare and hold my tears 

For you only I die and awake 

For you I shall  forget what it feels like when you  at pain 

For you only for you  my love i shall  bring you your  happiness 

even when the cost  is baring my pain in my heart

but its for you only and only  for you , my love . 



A rose

For those who died 

A rose for those who been harmed for no cause , for no reason 

A rose for every tormented soul  who cant even find their rest when their dead

A rose for those who was murder and people forget about them 

A rose for every harm been  done to the kindest people ever 

A rose for those whom been misunderstood  and those  whom been  so cruelly  had to be hard  because someone came to conclusion

 and  ended  those innocent lives 

A rose for every dead child 

A rose for every scream a child make 

A rose for every harm been done to normal people all the did was  wanting to life 

A rose for every and each dead and forgotten or buried in unpurified  ground 

Those people  I hope they got to heaven and spent the rest of eternity  in heaven happy , rested and a clam souled  , I hope those

people really get  what they deserve form the happiness that were cruelly and violently  taken away may god rest their souls . (god is the holy one ) 


what makes you enjoy the movie twilight ? is it for their hot shot actors ? and what make twilight to be so popular because if you think of it the movie twilight just pop out of no where and became the most popular thing since mobile touch , i must admit that at first i like the movie , like the actors , liked the music . but then i started to criticize the movie i mean we’ve already got the broody mysterious vampire , and we’ve also got the vampire fighting for the girl so what makes that movie so popular ? And what’s with the werewolf and vampire rivalry the way I see it , it’s the same rivalry in Buffy the vampire slayer the rivalry about Buffy between dead boy and xander rings any bells so what exactly did Stephenie done , turn the normal teenager and make him werewolf and makes the vampire sparkles who in their right mind makes or even think to make a vampire change and mind reading ability. I absolutely see nothing to make the book series so popular expect the actors , music only . What makes twilight a hotshot popular movie that’s what I need to know?

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  Love you so so much                                                       

I missed you baby , my baby

Wanting you beside me, near me

But I know we were never meant to be

Odds against us 

So we dance at dawn

 Hoping another day

Another chance for us

Forever baby, forever love

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fearing  the end and dreading the beginning 
the beginning is like a calm storm
that at any moment can turn into a deadly hurricane
 theres are rules and there a mistakes 
 theres the truth and theres a true 
 if only you knew  which is truth and which is a fabric lie 
 you dont trust in blood family  yet you understand the meaning of the family 
 yet you still want  , need  , hopeing to steal a glimpse of that  precious  feeling 
 and you keep on asking   what went wrong ,  how to fix it , 
 you keep going on about 1000 what ifs  , 1000 ands 
 still no answers yet you  got more questions 
 there are unspoken words and  not written rules 
 just ask who pay them after all 
the fisher man knows that the sea got no  friends  
yet they begin and could end with it 
no true thing called the end .......

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